Blu-ray Disc Association
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Public Specs

On this page, you can download public specifications issued by the Blu-ray Disc Association.


BD-J Baseline Application and Logical Model Definition for BD-ROM (March 2005 - PDF)


A note for operating system developers about implementing "hooks" for Blu-ray Disc in your operating system. This note explains very simple requirements for any operating system to properly recognize and handle Blu-ray Disc. The operating system can recognize Blu-ray Discs by recognizing
(1) That the media is of UDF 2.5 or 2.6 format, and 
(2) That the directory name (placed immediately under root directory) is "BDAV" (for BD-RE or BD-R) or "BDMV" (for BD-ROM)

Information on UDF 2.6 and its implementation on Blu-ray Disc can be found at the UDF 2.6 specification [see Section 6.16] .

Information on directory structure of Blu-ray Disc can be found at the White paper: BD-RE logical and AV application format, section 3.1.5 (page 18) and the White paper: BD-ROM logical and AV application format, section 2.3 (page 14) , both available in the Technical section from the menu on this site.